Warehouse Pick-up

(Some things are too big to ship)

All items in this category are available for on-site pickup! To inquire about any of the items below, simply hit the contact button and we'll talk when and how!


Salon Chair-$60


This iconic piece from the cosmetic revolution is sure to add a chic flare to any room.














Vacuum Tube Tester-$40


With all the different models made, this handy piece of gear makes life easy for everyone from musicians to the avid TV fanatic.


8mm Projector-$40


Bring back the warmth of times past with this vintage projector. With Gatsby style framework and and included case, this piece makes an excellent addition to any theater or living room.


Belt Massage Machine-$75


Promising everything from pain relief to weight loss, you seldom see these "Miracle Machines" around today.


Vintage Hockey Table -$450


This wood-constructed marvel of classic arcade beauty is just as functional as it is unique; boasting cast iron gearing and handles as well as a ball return system and coin receptacle. The solid glass top reveals brass hockey players and a painted crowd to watch as the two volley an iron ball. this piece is the perfect center piece for any hockey or vintage arcade enthusiast. 

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